A downloadable game for Windows and Android

CoronaBlitz2017 entry.

You have to master all 7 heavenly virtues in this simple one touch game.

It has a three step control:
first tap/click: jump
second tap/click: jet
third tap/click: falling

You can only start the cycle when on the ground.

You need to land on the last letter and within the landing platform to finish the levels.

Do not leave the screen!

Try to finish all 7 levels with the least possible number of jumps.

I used the ponyblitz skeleton and the Tiled default tile set. The rest is made of standard Corona libs.

The android version has a serious lag at the beginning of each level that disappears at the end. This doesnot happen on the windows version...

UPDATE: (10.04.17, v1.0.1)
Added a game description at the beginning

UDATE (16.04.17, win32 v1.0.1)
Now the game actually opens on windows...

Install instructions

Download, unzip, run the exe...

Click to jump, click to jet, click to fall...


JetJumpinginVirtue.apk 7 MB
JetJumpinginVirtue_1_0_2.Win32.rar 2 MB


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I like it. Though it makes me want to pull my hair out :-D

Thank you and yes, same for me. On desktop it is easier than on mobile, it wasn't ment to be thaaaat hard :)